Robin Uthappa Takes Us Through His Journey Past Clinical Depression full story

Mumbai Jasus007: Priyamani talk about what life is outside the comfort zone relatable manner which is experienced it in my own personal life and I thought I can put across it all in a reliable way through my in my career and I’m sure he’ll probably hold you in good stead if you ever decide to step out of your comfort zone take my life back to 2020 in Hindi this is after we won the World Cup won the Commonwealth Bank series in in Australia will be the state in Australia which is the method that point in time came back with the Asia Cup and of the Asia Cup we lost the finals against Sri Lanka and I got extremity so talking about my childhood little bit here I come from a family wear like all other families in our country we don’t didn’t really have a great family life so difficult marriage and because that marriage is handled by implication on my sister din me so even though I made it to the international sea in cricket pretty well when I got dropped from the Indian team in 2008 I decided to spend some time and energy to fix their help in fixing the marriage was there always dependent on my sister and I do you can help them out in whatever situation they went through so so I thought with your four months and it I get back my game closed with the oxygen at that point in time what happened was passport 5 years and this is how I look so I thought for months and before I knew it for your ago Nuri was living away toxic environment which will serve me which will serve the spotting period I was pursuing and I ended up becoming a very frustrated rejected and a very unhappy individual so much so that I saw my progress in this period of my teammates and in spite of being the second highest earning IPL player at the time in 2010 I was extremely unhappy so what happened was when I got that place in 2010-2011 12 are used to place where I could look myself in the mirror to be honest with myself and I didn’t like to personally seen I was going through depression is the frustrated and will suicidal as well be honest and that’s when I decided that I give a shit in my life do something else with I don’t want to play cricket in spite of being in a second highest earning IPL player at the time I didn’t want anything to do again I love because I despise do I become at that point was I decided to speak the only person

I trusted my best friend the time my wife the day I decided speak the I spoke to her about it I told her that give up on life or I want to restart my life in some corner of the world from scratch it is I can’t live like this anymore I can’t live with you I become over the last few years Profession but not able to perceive it anymore with the game but if you can before your decision by six months said why and what you said to me was simply because you love the game but no other reason don’t forget the Indian team don’t do anything I look like that I was 26 years old I look for years old and I was extremely unhappy different avenues but honestly it was happy so he said let’s fix that lets you lose weight if you put me out a nutritionist use completing and playing tennis back then I went to a nutritionist at least I losing weight and the first ornament I played after the after that up 85 games which is that one day domestic cricket and those Five game that could 203 50 is simply because it is played the game about myself I really enjoyed playing the game just love it start doing well I will not do please the IPL which is which is subsequently the next on m gonna play I ended up Being the top 10 run getters in India IPL and IPL and that’s been rediscovered my passion for the game and I felt like man I love what I am doing I love where I am I want to do really well and some where the plane was reunited to play for the country again and to my lock happenstance I met Pravin Amre who is the bearing ko subah over team also use it to play Pune Warriors back then so what I decided to do was I told my my desire to place the country again Robin you can do it don’t do it you can do it Kattu after

the IPL I wasn’t a break in Spain and I remember slicing in bus stand and I called Pravin Sar up from there I will sir I want I want to work with you one on one just as as as my personal batting coach and let me tell you guys this was unheard of in cricket in your personal coaches in individual spot in a 5% coaches in in a team sport and when I look at the area of hiring someone on a professional basis I was marked in public in this like this guy is done and dusted he is not playing cricket competitively for the so beautiful country what is he won’t batting coach that when I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone does a gap in my batting technique that I want to change I want to close the gap because I want to play test cricket for India I want to play international cricket again I want to close the gap and become the best batsman I can be so I said so said one or let’s work together so it’s and one of the first things actually experienced out of my comfort zone was extreme difficulty mentally and emotionally I struggled a lot mentally and emotionally because I am sure I understand that certain ways we do something for example the we write you know the way we hold scalpel in occupation you know something that’s very natural to admit download from us together and I picked up the age of seven so I de Villiers batting technique you know something but I felt bad so as to do so I put batting Eso Tumi and so said we can change all that would make you a brand new player and he said it can be extremely hard and are you willing to do it as a reminder do whatever it takes I trust you let’s do this and that what he said was one of the key thing is that I had to do was just him completely trust that process completely the first thing I’d been is also the comfort zone was emotional and mental struggles he was extremely extremely hard they were sessions that I would stop a sudden I would stop sessions simply because I could go on and innovation theory is advertising learning something new is easy but an learning something that you know is the most difficult part when you’re an learn something new and that transition phase when

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